From the idea to the Product

Thanks to its structure, ELITS Evolve service is comprehensive and covers both finished product and semi-finished product.

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Mechanical design
  • Engineering
  • Compliance and Certification
Technical feasibility study.

Hypothesis or technical solutions.

Product economic sustainability in its commercial positioning.

Evolve provides its experience in electronic boards design throghout activities set required to define physical structure of an electronic circuit. Our skills are able to follow every step to complete the project:

Circuit diagram for microcontroller logic boards generation (8, 16 32 bits)

Hardware design first phase determines all the characteristics of the electrical and electronic part, so as to reach technical needs of the product. Electronic components choice to be used and electrical connection is the first step towards product realization.

Generation of the wiring diagram for analog boards (power supply, sensors, actuations, etc.).

Preliminary CAE simulation

Printed circuit Routing

Next phase is related to the physical definition of electronic card,printed circuit routing and the definition of the overall size. Through the use of CAD and CAM system, we are able to design circuit board containing components respecting the mechanical size of the electronic board.

Generation of printed circuit board

Final stage of the hardware design is the generation of every necessary technological files, including bill of material, till the right implementation of the electronic board.

Software is the hearth of every modern product application. Elits Evolve satisfies design requirement and software implementation, on the electronic board level (firmware), on the high level (for example for electronic board control by other devices) and in the most common programming languages.


Firmware is the software to be included permanently in the electronic board microcontroller and performs every functions needed to control it. It is characterized by a high stability and functionality. We are able to develop firmware on 8, 16 and 32-bit platform and on advamced microcontrollers (example ARM), implementing various outside connections such as Ethernet, USB, serial etc.


Software design includes all the high-level functions that can be connected to the project. From the configuration and control of the single circuit board through a PC to the sensor data collection and processing them into advanced systems, such as database servers.

Our skills allow to develop software on Windows and Linux platforms, with database integrations and remote control interfaces via the web, as well as wing data and business intelligence processing.

Every electronic card needs mechanical support to be used. Mechanical design allows to realize structure in which electronic board will be arranged.

Finished product design.

Evolve provides the necessary advice to the design of the finished product, by creating the elaborate design with CAD, respecting all the dimensions and mechanicl specifications of the product, and with the files delivery for output.

Final step of the product design is to industrialize it, moving from functional prototype to the production itself. This phase requires to validate the design and to define the specifications to be followed during the production.

Creation of working prototypes

Starting from the previous stages, we are able to produce working electronic card prototypes and, according to the needles of the client, and prototypes with mechanic part.

Tests necessary to validate the product

Evolve performs all the tests, both electric and functional, on the prototype in order to verify the proper operation and the right product specifications.

Drafting of the final technical and support documentation manuals

We provide all the necessary technical documentation to the final production, including the production and testing manuals and, on customer request, even the instruction and user manual.

The activity is related to every aspect of legislative and technical-normative, and related to the certifications necessary to market the product.

In particular:

CE Mark

European and non-European International Certifications

All national and international obligations are managed, required by the specific certification, and, if necessary, alongside the contractor will ensure that the product complies with the technical and functional requirements of the legislation.


Production of the necessary documentation (Declaration of conformity, technical files, user manuals, etc …).