Better safe than sorry. Also in the aesthetic field.

In aesthetics, we use to talk about how to take care of a certain blemish that affects both face and body. We never hear about prevention, instead.

This term, “prevention”, stands for those actions which aim to take all necessary precautions therefore a certain situation (or, in this case, a certain “blemish”) does not come up. For example, the appearance of “crow’s feet” or ” lion’s wrinkles ” before their time.

In this regard, have we ever wondered how we can really be countertrend and stand out from the crowd?

Any idea? Maybe by starting to offer preventive and different treatments to our customers, before the situation gets out of hand and turns into an “irreversible” one for them?

Yes, because we all know that all blemishes (especially chronic ones) are unfortunately irreversible so our mission, into the cabin, is to make sure that particular blemish, best case scenario, does not get worse.

That said, how is it possible to take action when we talk about preventive treatments for face and body? Let’s look at some tips together:


1) By thinning the stratum corneum of the skin through the most appropriate chemical, mechanical or enzyme peeling products, depending on the connective tissue to be treated;

2) by stimulating the peripheral or the blood circulation, considering that blood is the main way to deliver oxygen and nutrients to our cells, tissues and thus vital organs;

3) by restoring the natural dermal water content through highly moisturizing substances which act as molecular sponges. These substances aim to retain water in the underlying tissues, as in the case of dehydrated hyaluronic acid.


Now we are ready to apply on our customers’ faces and bodies whatever technology we have in our clinic, by creating a tailor-made method for each one and focusing on the concept of prevention we have just talked about.

In this way, we will be different from our competitors, we will not participate in the “price war” and we will retain our customers by offering different treatments to everyone, each time.

What are you waiting for? Is being different difficult, today? Of course it is.
Is that impossible? It is not. It is up to us there to choose what to be.

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