False myths about diode laser hair removal

Many of you, for logistical reasons, are inclined to believe that diode laser hair removal is a treatment to be avoided in summertime, so better opting for liposoluble depilatory wax (such as Brazilian, Arab thread, and so on), which not only smears your parquet flooring with sticky material, forces you to remove it with TCE, but also lets your wallet become lighter and lighter (so your income).

But, besides that, why should you choose to introduce a different working method like the diode laser one, in your beauty center? Well yes, everyone has it now and yes, for this reason too, you must have it too.

However, the choice and investment of getting a reliable technology and skilled colleague carrying out a great treatment into the cabin could not be enough.
Taking advantage of that appointment to perform what marketing experts call ‘up-selling‘ or ‘cross-selling‘ is the way.

Ok but what do we mean?

Let’s say you are carrying out a diode laser hair removal treatment on one of your customers. Now, instead of talking about today’s social problems around the world and how you cannot solve them, you could use that time to mention the customer other treatable areas that he/she can also consider and/or describe other services and treatments.

Basically, this is a sale within a sale. It is quite clear, isn’t it?

Please allow us to reveal a secret: it is good to explain to your customers that there is no a perfect moment to start a diode laser hair removal treatment.
You know, if you wait for the perfect moment in life, you will never start. Just do it.

It is always a perfect moment to start taking care of unwanted hair and all related blemishes. It can be done at any time, even during the summer season, and with equally satisfying results to all customers.

No doubt, in summertime, the customer could be lazier and may come one less time for laser treatments, but who knows, you will be able to schedule an appointment for a new body treatment in those weeks (yes, precisely, this is what we call “cross-selling”).

In this way, we will spend next winter in the cabin with our customer, continuing to sell her other treatments, while she will spend her evenings out, without being forced to wear 150 denier tights to cover the excess hair!

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