The eMotion technology: the key to success in today’s body treatments

By now, it is well known that many classic beauty services are no longer profitable for the beauty salon. On the contrary, resorting to technologies allows less fatigue and more profit.

eMotion, our professional and Made In Italy body equipment, marks the beginning of a new beauty concept, the achievement of new goals, like the one of feeling free from the stereotypes that society sometimes proposes.
Being free also means accepting one’s own physical form while always striving to improve oneself, in an ideal union between body and mind, physique and soul. Because there is no individual more beautiful than who loves himself, in his totality and uniqueness. eMotion therefore represents the beginning of a renewed ideal of beauty, which crosses nations, places and continents, with the aim at bringing beauty to the world.


eMotion is an equipment able to provide all customers a new emotion, thanks to 7 technologies and an advanced working method which aims to treat all body imperfections: from cellulite (in all its stages) to localised or diffuse adiposity, from tissue atony to muscular hypotonia, in order to achive the ideal silhouette which all customers ask for, in the cabin.



The treatment has an initial but fundamental preparatory phase, eStart (including bioimpulse, chromoled and vacuum) in which the beautician will prepare the body, stimulating the complete drainage and reactivating the microcirculation so as to restore a great oxygenation of tissues.

The second phase, eSculpt (including biovehiculation, lipidic wave and infrared), aims to give the client’s body a harmonious profile.

At last, the eTone phase is implemented through the synergy of 2 technologies, which use the principle of heat together with a red light stimulating collagen and elastin, with specific frequencies to stimulate the dermis indeed. In this phase, body shapes are toned, firmed and sculpted.



Choosing to have the latest-generation aesthetic equipment in your center is nowadays fundamental, but knowing how to use it correctly is even more. For this reason, to those who choose our certified technologies, ELITS GROUP offers training courses also for the best application possible, in order to provide the center with everything necessary to be able to carry out an ideal aesthetic treatment in the cabin.

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