Towards new horizons with eLewe

Inspired by a new and revolutionary concept of beauty beyond all boundaries, from Elits Group Laboratories comes eLewe, a new and innovative professional aesthetic equipment for the face.

From the oldest traditions of Africa, eLewe is a professional and certified facial device designed to give a new life to the face. But why is it dedicated to the beauties of this Continent? Because for us, at Elits Group, it is the beginning of a great new journey that starts from Italy, crosses various continents and lands in the most mystical place, full of strong contrasts, emotions and sounds that for some, or perhaps many, represents a return to the ‘origins’, a return home.



And it is precisely in that place, albeit so far away but at the same time so close to us, that it is possible to get rid of all masks and ‘chains’, to give space to a new concept of beauty and rebirth, to move away from the standards that today’s society tends to propose on a daily basis, so as to be finally free to live as one pleases.

For us at Elits Group, every woman is beautiful whenever she is free, whenever she recognises herself in her shapes, whenever she looks in the mirror and loves herself.



Thanks to all provided technologies in eLewe, every sensation and emotion will be mixed, recreating a pleasant contrast between hot and cold to give a new life to theface, restoring the correct oxygenation and hydration of the skin barrier.

The eLewe method consists of several phases: the first, called eLife, exfoliates the skin using a precious diamond powder which stimulates cell turnover; besides, it counteracts imperfections due to photo and chrono-ageing, attenuating any skin discolouration and giving the face a compact complexion.



The second phase, eShine, really acts on the increase / decrease of the basal temperature.
The heat technology with a  biological gradual-release promotes a greater peripheral circulation and, as soon as the tissue has been stimulated and reactivated, the dermal-absorption of certain active ingredients, which tangibly alleviate all facial blemishes, takes place.

The eLewe treatment is then finalized with the application of the cold technology which aims to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin with a slow, gradual release.

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