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BODY p ACT is studied to fight cellulite and adipose tissue. When gym, diet and cosmetics products do not succeed in achieving the desired results, the BODY p ACT treatment has an effect in depth reducing and improving these blemishes already after the first few sessions, thanks to the synergy of the most innovative technologies.


Can be used to treat

  • Localized adiposity
  • Panniculopathy
  • Tissue firming
  • Muscle toning

Strength Points

  • Elegant design, exclusive project, unique functions
  • Possibility to combine up to 6 technologies for every visage and body imperfection. Quick results and unique comfort.
  • Single applicator for all technologies
  • Easy-to-use software and detailed procedures to have maximum accuracy
  • Exclusive ELITS protocols
  • Always, only and completely Made in Italy


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Our absolute priorities are security and quality, and for this reason we are proud of all our certifications which assure the well-being of people who use the devices.

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