eLights è un dispositivo estetico professionale per trattamenti viso

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The eLIGHTs device was born from the concept of the lotus flower, to rise and to be reborn, as symbol of renaissance of the face which finds a new light fighting the signs of aging.

The device 3 in 1 presents these sections:

  • eCleaner
  • eCare
  • ePatch

Each of these sections has the purpose of restoring the correct oxygenation of the face, its radiance and vitality.

eCleaner has the purpose of removing corneal lamellae, it has an exfoliating and revitalizing action thanks to the aid of the ultrasonic technology.
eCare is the combination of 4 technologies in a single handpiece: it favours mesodermal delivery, stimulates microcirculation, detaches the tissue by vacuum and stimulates the development of neo-collagen by diathermy.
ePatch requires the application of adhesive patches on site to fight the signs of aging with a similar Botox action.

eLights è un dispositivo estetico professionale per trattamenti viso

Recommended for

  • The stimulation of cellular turnover
  • The substantial reduction of expression lines and wrinkles
  • The increased tissue oxygenation
  • The revitalization of epidermal tissue
  • The attenuation of brownish discoloration
  • The simil Botox action
Apparecchiature estetiche prodotte in Italia

Strong Points

  • Sinergy of innovative technologies that require and not the help of the operator
  • Innovative and customizable applied methodology to every single face blemish
  • Designed with linear and elegant shapes
  • The device is made-to-measure for your cabin


Our absolute priorities are security and quality and for this reason we are proud of all our certifications which assure the well-being of people who use these devices.


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