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All the effectiveness of the laser technology in a handy and lightweight device. In a more compact and handier size, this high-tech device aims to a progressive hair removal and, if provided, photorejuvenation. The laser beam generates the selective photothermolysis which is able to counteract blemishes from unwanted hair. Moreover, EpilSmart could be available (upon request) in a 3-wavelength version (755 nm, 808 nm & 1064 nm).

The device generates a laser beam which is able to cross the skin and be absorbed by the pigment of the hair, with a consequent increase in temperature and the drying of germ cells of the bulb itself. The temperature, pass after pass and with multiple repeated pulses, gradually increases, damaging the follicle and inactivating it.

In addition, considering the possibility of a “triple wavelength” version, it will be possible (with the very same handpiece) to work with all of them to be even more effective on very thin and blonde hair and also on darker phototypes, without the risk of causing burns to the skin.

Recommended for

  • Progressive body and facial hair removal
  • Skin photorejuvenation
Apparecchiature estetiche prodotte in Italia

Strong points

  • Diode laser 808 nm which can be integrated with two additional wavelengths (755 nm and 1064 nm)
  • Handy and compact device
  • Less maintenance needed
  • Ergonomic and removable handpiece with built-in cooling system for painless and effective treatments
  • Intuitive touch screen display with preset parameters for each phototype
  • Safe and reliable technology for long-lasting results in 8/10 sessions
  • Easy-to-use software with a basic and expert mode
  • Greater adjustment of parameters


Our absolute priorities are security and quality and for this reason we are proud of all our certifications which assure the well-being of people who use these devices.


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