Technologies at the service of aesthetics

The aim of Elits is to provide innovative technologies in line with the high-quality standard of the sector. The diligence of our “Research & Development” experts is oriented to plan technological devices with an excellent usability to satisfy the professionals’ needs.

From our experience and thanks to continuous and deepening research, we are able to establish which blemishes generate more embarrassment to our customers. By this awareness, a study process about the use of technologies (those provided by the scientific research) starts and goes through the planning, the realization and the test of our devices in order to safely and fast act on aesthetic problems.

It is a real 4-phase development process that, on the one hand, guarantees to the operator its handling and the possibility to customize the treatment and, on the other hand, ensures to the client the safety and efficiency.

Facial Programme

Wearing a perfect skin is synonymous with beauty.

The exclusive facial method is aimed at combatting all imperfections at 360 degrees, giving the face a new radiance and perfection.

Body Programme

Feeling good about its own body shape is possible.

This body method involves the synergy of cutting-edge technologies conceived to reshape the body, making it more toned and compact.

Active Method

Passive Method

Hair Removal and Photorejuvenation Programme

Silky smooth skin is now possible thanks to advanced diode laser technology.

It effectively combats blemishes arising from unwanted hair, making the skin even divine.


Our absolute priorities are security and quality and for this reason we are proud of all our certifications which assure the well-being of people who use these devices.


Company certifications

Devices certifications

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